Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hormones 3 - Character Introduction "Dao"

(in which we learn that the name of the Dao-Koi-Elle group has changed)

Hello, I'm Dujdao Jamraspaisarn. I was born on March 18, 1997. Blood group: A. Student number 53620. Well, this year I'll be in Grade 12, Classroom 1. This makes me one of the senior students in the school! From now on, there will be nobody calling me "nong Dao" at school. I'll be "P'Dao" to everybody instead. But if you were to ask about growing up, I'd have to say, "No thanks. I'd prefer to stay a young, little girl forever."

I'm definitely a morning person. I wake up by myself and don't use an alarm clock. This might be because I've been waking up early since I was little. But... in the off chance that I wake up late, I won't hear the end of it from my mom, because she's on her own schedule: she has to drop me off at school before she goes to work each day. So I need to be on time or at least not far from it.

Waking up early is good, though. I think it's good for the body and very refreshing, too. On the weekends, if I'd let my body rest a bit more and sleep longer, I can't
really do it, because my body just wakes up automatically.

At school I like to study Thai. Each story that we study in Thai literature is so fun and interesting.  It makes me think that I'd like to write stories that are so good myself.

Sports? Errr... I don't like sports. Some people have told me that I should have been playing basketball since I was little; I could have grown up taller. Um, if I start now, will it help?

I love to eat cake. My favourite has a few strawberies on top, and I'll eat them in one bite, then move on to the rest of the cake.

My friends and I go by the name "Three Cute Girls."** I'm the one who picked this name for us. We're all cute, and there are three of us: me, Elle, and Koi.

Last summer break, I spent my time preparing for all the tests we'll have to do before getting into university. Now, I'm also focusing on writing. I want to finish at least one fiction story and submit it to a contest. Then I might have a better idea how good I can do at this. What I'm working on now isn't a fantasy-style story (I've done enough of that) but something more realistic. 

Truth to tell, I've thought of a lot of plots already, but none of them seems good enough for me. It's pretty tough to get this right.

**I hear Fon saying "Three" with a Thai accent, but she might be saying T? or Tree? But "Three" makes sense in context.

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