Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hormones 3 - Character Introduction "ZomZom"

I've been up for a while, Dad!

My name is Supreeya Kamonphithak. My nickname's Somsom [Zomzom]. You might have heard there's someone you want to avoid ["mansai"] with this name. But who's that?

I was born on April 19, 1998. My blood type is B.

I'm a good person, you know -- but good only with certain people.

Dad likes to ask me, "Why do you ride the motorcycle to school? You could just take the skytrain." Well, I don't know. I just like speed. I like the bike-racer-kid ["waen"] way. Anything you'd like to add in reply?

I don't like school and study. I really just prefer to be with my friends. Our gang is called "Nang Fah Riak Mae" -- which means, 10 times more beautiful than the angels. Get it?**

There are four of us: Jah, NamCha, Bew, me. But let me tell you: I'm the prettiest.

What do I do with my free time at school? I gossip with my friends about what's going on. If you were to guess that I like to eat spicy things or stuff with lots of flavour (things like crab som tam) -- well, you'd be right. But what I'm addicted to the most and can't do without is my dad's scrambled eggs. Pretty cute, huh?

I like to play volleyball. Because then I get get to hit [things]. Just joking. Really, I like basketball. But... in basketball I still get to hit [things]. No wonder I like it.

**[I'm not Thai, but I understand this to be as follows: This is a play on the phrase "Nang Fah Riak P'," "Angels Call [her/us/it] P'," i.e., a phrase already implying perfection -- but with P' replaced by Mom, making it yet more superlative. The angels pay even more respect to this beauty and perfection... I might be wrong, though. A Thai person would have a better idea. I think in English we might just call this group "The Angels"?]

Edit: The photo released for Somsom describes her as rather unimpressed, direct (i.e., doesn't beat around the bush), and someone who loves her friends with all her strength... If you cross her, beware.

Credit to Soompi

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