Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hormones 3 - Character Introduction "Koi"

(in which we finally find out that she lives with her dad alone, while her mom lives abroad)

Me, I'm a sleepyhead. By the time I get up and get showered on any given day, I might have gotten 30 missed calls from Dao and Elle!

Hello, I'm Koi Wiriya Korkiatpirom. I was born on January 23, 1997, which makes me a Capricorn. My blood group is AB, and my student number is NDB 53916. This year, I'll be in Grade 12 already, and I'll be studying in Classroom 1.

Well, I'm the kind of girl who breaks all expectations about girls being tidy, detailed, and clean. Just take a look at my bedroom and you'll see. What a mess! But
really, I don't understand it myself. I do clean up, sweep, and put things way. But... just a few days pass, and everything's a mess again. Still, it doesn't matter, because my handsome dad sweeps in and cleans everything up for me: he sweeps, puts things in place, mops, and prepares my stuff for me. Isn't he lovely?

Sports? Not for me. The best sport for me is running, which I do with my dad.

On the other hand, I like to watch sports, and football (soccer) is my favourite. I especially like to cheer for the Thai national team.

I like to go out and lay down on the grass, then roll over and enjoy.

Now that makes me think of what happened last summer break. I was so confused. I decided to visit my mom and P'Pong in Belgium instead of staying around all confused in Bangkok. The day I arrived was amazing. The air was so fresh that I wanted to package some up and take it home to my dad. But well, that couldn't be.

And I also thought of how I'd like to bring some of my friends to Belgium to enjoy it, too... and then we could study or read books together. That would be good, wouldn't it?

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